Note from the Editor | Aug. 12, 2010

Nick Meyer

This has been a tumultuous couple of weeks at Volume One. We suffered a substantial electronic meltdown of all our work from the past seven months, and as of the deadline for this issue, we’re not sure how much of it (if any) we’ll be able to get back. The big server (hard drive) that we all share to work on each issue of the magazine broke. And there was even a problem with the back up hard drive for that hard drive. So we lost a lot of information. That includes all our photos, stories, issue layouts, advertisements, and tons of little details you kind of forget about in the daily routine. I tell you this because in some ways this issue had to be rebuilt from scratch, sort of. We had to perform some awkward digital wizardry to get this issue out on time – and if all goes well hopefully you won’t be able to tell by looking at the final product. But if you see anything weird, that might be why. All that said, with our drives currently in a clean data recovery laboratory in Madison, we do have reason to be optimistic that we’ll get our stuff back (though at a significant cost we certainly weren’t prepared for). Fingers crossed it will turn out OK. Otherwise, we might just trash all our computers and go back to the old fashioned production methods. Like hand chiseling stone tablets or something....

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