Icarus Himself

odd-sounding Madison trio with local ties to play (twice)

by Ryne Thornsen

Nothin’ indie going on here.

A self-proclaimed mix of tropical, electro, and folk rock, Icarus Himself certainly produces a unique sound. The guitars are catchy and so are the choruses. A listening session feels like the lost tracks of David Bowie doing covers of Weezer. As I said, it’s a very unique sound. If Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett was still around, this is the kind of stuff he would really get into. It’s the kind of music that’s fun to have in the background while relaxing on a hot summer day. Or, to sound like a real music critic full of conundrums, it’s minimalist rock while still encompassing hundreds of ideas and rhythms at once. The trio comprising Icarus Himself hails from Madison, where they have recorded two EPs and one LP in the past three years, and formerly made a splash with the band National Bee Keepers Society. But Nick Whetro, Karl Christenson, and Brad Kolberg are no strangers to the Valley, as Karl and Brad formerly played for famed local band of yesteryear Jimmy’s Comet. The band will play two local sets on July 31, with the first at Infinitea and the second at The Mousetrap.

Icarus Himself • July 31 • 7pm at Infinitea Teahouse, 112 E Grand Ave, EC (with Landino Harryman) • 10:30pm at The Mousetrap, 311 S Barstow St, EC (with Snifter) • FREE • all ages at Infinitea, 21+ at Trap • www.myspace.com/icarushimself