Wintertime Carousel

local teams up with Oregon friends for new disc

Jenna Campbell

Wintertime, yo.

    Songwriter Simon Adler of Wintertime Carousel has a lot to be proud of following the June release of the band’s new album, Grief in Movement. Formerly known as Wide Plans of a Palindrome, the band’s name change came in September, when Adler began making music with friends in Oregon, where he attends school. Grief in Movement is a collaborative project, involving the band’s Eau Claire and Oregon members. The album comes alive through expressive lyrics resembling those of Eau Claire native Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), and their intriguing melodies create a sound reminiscent of the indie folksters Band of Horses. Last year Adler went through a period of depression, which in turn spawned the title of the album. The lyrics of Wintertime Carousel’s first single, Alchemy, seem to capture what the album is all about. “What have I left to lose?” With the new album, the jazz-trained band members of Wintertime Carousel were “trying to portray emotion and make good musical gestures (with their songs), as opposed to playing just rock music without musicality considered,” the Memorial alum said, adding that he continues to play in jazz ensembles in Oregon. “We did it all on our own, by ourselves. It was a ‘do-it-yourself’ thing.” CDs can be purchased at shows for $8, or downloaded from

    Wintertime Carousel + Andy Elwell • July 9 • Infinitea Teahouse, 112 E Grand Ave, EC • 8pm /// Wintertime Carousel + Excellent Adventure + Gentle Guest • July 8 • Phoenix Park, downtown EC • 6:30pm

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