Fragile + Chip Val Symphony

local symphony teams with a band for the first time ever

Eric Larson and Matt Ledger

For the first time in its 36 year history, the Chippewa Valley Symphony Orchestra takes the stage of The State Theatre with a rock band, putting forth a unique mixture of classical music and hard rock. The orchestra will join Fragile, a five-piece rock band from Owen, Wisconsin, for a concert filled with guitar riffs, powerful lyrics, and bittersweet symphonies. Despite emerging in the Wisconsin area, the band has also played gigs at Fine Line and First Avenue in the Twin Cities, both notorious venues for big acts. They recently dropped their debut album, This Land Will Be Civilized, which they describe as an attempt to combine classic storytelling, pop finesse, and modern rock power with beautiful string arrangements – the latter of which make it all the more appropriate to combine with an orchestra. “To our ears (Fragile) sounds like late Beatles mixed with some Led Zeppelin and alternative rock influences,” said Mark Blaskey, executive director of CVSO. With the band’s dueling guitars, smooth bass, and tight drums, an accompaniment of 24 orchestra strings is bound to make the concert all the more mind-blowing. “Every band plays with an orchestra eventually,” said Blaskey. “It’s an inevitable part of the growth path, but you don’t typically see it around here.” As for why CVSO picked Fragile as the first band to combine with them on stage, Blaskey said the group is just that good. “They’re stunningly talented,” he said. “Come see them while they’re breaking out.”

   Fragile and the Chippewa Valley Symphony Orchestra • July 9 • The State Theatre, 314 Eau Claire St. • $8 students, $17 adults • 832-2787

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