Turk's Head Coffee House

from Morocco to Turkey, café brews worldly experience

Kinzy Janssen, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Brewing coffee is an intricate process in the newly opened Turks Head Coffee House in downtown Eau Claire. If you order the Turkish brew, an intense and flavorful coffee cooked over a stove with nutmeg and cardamom, prepare to wait eight minutes – at which point you will be presented with an ornate “ibrik,” painted cup, and saucer. Pour, sip, and repeat. The large green chalkboard menu lists lots of other atypical brews, including the Moroccan latte – a creamy, cardamom-y blend. In the space that used to house Marie’s Original Bakery, lunch is also adventurous and savory. One of their lighter lunches consists of two pieces of “pide” – a slightly chewy Turkish flatbread – accompanied by homemade hummus or any of several tasty “flavor infusion” sauces, including a zippy sesame ginger. They also offer an interesting pizza “sconini” sandwich, where a halved sun-dried tomato scone serves as the bread. If you’re more of a sugar-and-fruit type of individual, try their smoothies. And in the celadon green walled space, modestly dotted with art, each table-and-chair set represents a different aesthetic – from metal scrolls to blonde wood – so you can sit where you feel comfortable. And if you take your liquid brew to go, rest assured that the corn-based cups are biodegradable.

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