Whale House Has New CD

Emily Diehl, photos by Leah Dunbar

    A Menomonie duo recently released its debut CD. The disc is Cinquefoil and the band is Whale House, a slang reference to the ocean. The band formed in September of 2009 and consists of Clayton Brice and Caleb Price, who rotate singing as well as instruments (guitar and keys) on their original songs. Clayton said he and Caleb exchanged ideas, worked in the studio to layer sounds, and their album grew beyond what they thought it could be. Both members pour their flavor from many influences to self-produce this mellow, atmospheric CD rich in meaning. Opening track Creatures involves a fictional story where people hunt down a creature and discover it is so beautiful that they sacrifice themselves to it. The group’s MySpace and Facebook pages have three songs available, Lookout Road, Creatures, and Hour Glass. Or check them on July 16 at Bottle and Barrel, August 21 at Harmony Corner Café, and August 27 in Gallery 111.

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