Note from the Editor | July 1, 2010

Nick Meyer

As I’m sure anyone in any sort of business often does, when I travel I often check out businesses and organizations similar to my own business back home. In my case, it’s fairly easy. Anywhere I go, within the first couple of stops it’s usually not too hard to find a free local publication that gives the rundown on what’s going on in that community and covers stories of local interest. And as you might imagine, some are great, but some are terrible. We’ve got a massive stack of the good ones – magazines and papers from around the country – in a big filing cabinet in our office downtown . At this point, some of them are getting a little old and dusty, so I’m turning to you for some help in freshening up our collection. Every once in a while someone will stop in to our office with a couple such issues from their travels, and we love it when they do. So if you’ve ever got anything you think we might be interested in, we’d love for you to swing by and drop it off at our office at 17 S. Barstow St. It always helps to see what people are doing in other parts of the country (or the world) and it can often help keep us inspired around here. So if you can stop in with a paper or two, thanks in advance!

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