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If kubb does take over the Valley, it will be a benevolent process. Kubb’s tongue-in-cheek (sort of) motto is “Kubb unites people and creates peace on earth.” It’s a silly slogan, but there’s something in it aside from the community-building aspect. From the very first, Eric has tied the tournament to fundraising. Every year it has raised money for the refugees in Darfur. Anderson also wanted to contribute funds for a local charity, so he added the local chapter of Girls on the Run, a program that teaches girls empowerment skills and healthy living.

The Nationals aren’t the only game in town. The Chippewa Valley Habitat for Humanity has gotten in on the act and will be hosting its own tournament in September to raise money for its programs. Tim Haukeness, administrative director of the Chippewa Valley Habitat for Humanity, said this may be a lower pressure event for new players since it’s mainly just for locals.

Habitat is also organizing volunteers to come to their center and make kubb sets that people can receive in exchange for donations. Kubb is a great fit for Habitat. “It’s a family activity, that’s the part that excited us. It fits right in with Habitat’s mission for low-income families,” Haukeness said, adding that Habitat would like to be known as the kubb makers for the Chippewa Valley.

Students at UWEC have been getting in on the kubb scene, too. At the Fresh Start Farmer’s Market on campus, students had a chance to play kubb with farmers – a worthy endeavor, according to co-organizer Zac Barnes, because these two groups might not have otherwise gone out of their way to meet each other and find common ground. The Foodlums have also been active in the kubb community. “Foodlums and kubb have quickly made a social event out of games and food bringing together students to find ways to improve the local community in the university bubble, hoping to get a better understanding and vision of the possibilities for growth on UWEC’s campus,” Barnes said

One of the more exciting events that Barnes has been working on is a fun day for the Special Olympics at Phoenix Park on July 31. He and the Eau Claire Berserkers are going to teach the athletes how to play kubb in the hopes that they will be inspired to form their own team.