Fall For Glory

local punk band sets out on summer tour

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by Andrew Patrie photos by Andrea Paulseth

THE BAND, SEEN HERE ON A NATURE WALK. Fall for Glory (Pat Olson, Jeremy Mitchell, Gary Zuleger, and Brian Hawn) have an ambitious tour lined up for this summer.

Spring is a boy at his bay window, elbows propping fingers laced securely under his chin, as nighttime tree branches are ghosted by silent lightning. Moments pass and the firmament is charged with a crescendo that vibrates the very frame and all around is awe. Spring is electric and erratic. No wonder writers have rendered countless metaphoric iterations equating the season with youth. It is this same vitality that has made punk rock the proper domain of the young. And if you want potent proof, I suggest you take notice of 1:35 into Fall For Glory’s track Trapped (from current EP Pressin’ On). Drums, vocals, and everything but a lone guitar riff hush like a lightning flash, and the hair stands up, the pulse quickens in anticipation, the fist begins to rise, and then the entire band returns, thundering for a few measures, and life has never seemed more vivid.

Originally hailing from Medford, home to Vegetable Spit, Crimes Against Humanity’s Nick Carroll, and the first punk dude I ever met in college, the band (Pat Olson – guitar/vocals, Jeremy Mitchell – drums, Gary Zuleger – guitar, and Brian Hawn – bass) now calls EC its home, albeit reluctantly. The band, responding like a Greek chorus, clarifies, “Eau Claire is a weird city for us because we have met some great people since moving here, but it doesn’t seem to be all that great for live music. We love playing locally and are all about helping local bands. It seems that it’s a constant struggle to get new faces at shows, but it hasn’t discouraged us.”

Although on the surface the boys project a certain sheen, suggesting a ready for prime time-ness, there is an undeniably surly swagger to their sound that situates them squarely amidst the back channels. The song, Everything, from the same EP, reminds me of Moral Crux before the pop elements totally subsumed their sound. However, Fall For Glory seems less than concerned with reconciling their “look” with their recorded output. Comments the band, “We strive to be an honest, uplifting band that plays for ourselves regardless of the labels we have been given.”

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