Note from the Editor | May 19, 2010

Nick Meyer

    So this is exciting. While working on our (huge) feature story for this issue – a sprawling set of stories examining the culture of Eau Claire’s streets – we decided to go ahead and dedicate the entire issue to that theme. So for the first time in our eight-year history we have a bona fide “theme” issue – Reinventing Our Streets. You’ll notice a little badge throughout the magazine wherever this concept comes into play. Each story somehow delves into various aspects of building, using, and experiencing our streets and the community around them. But why go so far as to dedicate nearly 2/3 of this issue to this topic? Because we’re at a crossroads (pardon the pun). There are big opportunities over the next couple of years to transform how we experience our city streets (read more about what I mean on page 24), and it’s important to us at Volume One to get the conversation started in the right direction. Because of this effort, more than ever we’d like to hear from you about these stories and ideas. You’ll find a special interactive part of our website dedicated to it . You can comment there, or you can send us mail, email, or even give us a call. Let’s get this conversation started.

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