Locals Hope to Break Hula Hooping Record

Bailey Berg

Have you ever tried to break a Guinness World Record? Perhaps you’re sick from trying to eat the most cockroaches in one minute (36), or dizzy from typing the most books backwards (68)? While you probably can’t break the fastest underwater handcuff escape (10.66 seconds), Chippewa Vallians have the opportunity to help break the Guinness World Record for “Most People Dancing with a Hula Hoop.” The idea was spearheaded by Lakeshore fifth grader Lee Roback – an avid Guinness reader – when he brought the idea before the PTO, who then incorporated the idea into Lakeshore’s Family Fitness Fun Night on May 12 in Carson Park. Starting at 5pm, Lakeshore students who have received pledges will walk a mile, and then have the opportunity to play with the Eau Claire Crush football team. Then, at 6:15, everyone is invited to attempt to break record of 352 people hula-hooping at once. You can either bring your own hoop, or purchase one at the event for $5. Lee’s mother Caroline said, “You always see it on TV, and you think ‘well, I could do that.’ Now you can!”

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