Menomonite Completes His Fist Iditarod Race

Bailey Berg

    Menomonie native Dan Kaduce not only competed in, but completed his first Iditarod dog sled race this winter. Kaduce and his team of 11 dogs started their grueling 1,161-mile race on March 6 and finished after 10 days (and 50 minutes) at the celebrated annual Alaskan event. Kaduce finished 21st overall – the first rookie to finish of the 72 total mushers, or dog sled operators – which won him the honor of Rookie of the Year. He’ll receive $1,500 for the honor and another $8,200 for his 21st place finish. The Iditarod is known for mushers having to compete in whiteout blizzards, sub-zero temperatures, and race through blizzards causing whiteout conditions and sub-zero temperatures that with wind chill can plummet to 100 below! And here I was complaining about it only being 30 degrees out.

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