Corks Corks Corks ... Corks

Bailey Berg


    Got a ton of corks laying around? Many Chippewa Valley businesses are joining forces to keep corks, both natural and synthetic, out of the waste stream. The participating business include wineries, restaurants, gift boutiques, and a green interior designer. The hope is that more businesses and organizations will see the benefits of the program and join in. Here’s the gist: the businesses are encouraged to save their own corks and to serve as a drop-off location for customers to bring theirs in, in an effort to help the environment and combat the cork shortage. Spearheaded by Lorraine Dixon, owner of Cadeaux, and Tiffany Coggins, owner of Green Girl Inc., the duo collects the corks and ships them to TerraCycle in Florida, and the funds raised from the returns are donated to Nature Conservancy. Why not do your part in reducing reusing, and recycling?

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