Wisconsin Fish Fry Culture Hits the Big(ish) Screen

Matt Ledger

The Friday night fish fry. It’s a sacred Wisconsin tradition, held in the same esteem as our love of bratwurst, cheese, and the (forever legendary) Packers. But how did this ritual of fried deliciousness come to be and why is it that we still flock to bars and eateries on Friday nights to get our fry on? These are the questions director Ron Faiola set out to answer when he began production on Fish Fry Night Milwaukee, a documentary that takes viewers around Milwaukee’s most popular, historic, and unique fish fry places to see the people who make and enjoy them. A standing-room only debut at the Beloit Film Festival prompted Faiola to take his baby on the road, including a stop at the Eau Claire Masonic Auditorium on March 26. Also, Faiola’s looking for a local fish fry to hit up that Friday; go to fishfrymovie.com to recommend your favorite.

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