Singing Little Women

Carrie Weiss

Micro ladies.

From a novel to a drama to several film versions, Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women is a household title well known to every generation. In 2005, writer Andrew Knee recaptured the family of five females in a Broadway musical. That musical will make its way to the Chippewa Valley for the very first time this spring, in the capable hands of the Eau Claire Children’s Theatre. A cast of 10 veteran ECCT performers will portray the March sisters, Marmee, Laurie, Aunt March, and the rest of the characters. Local volunteer musicians will provide live music for the show. “Besides the fact that it’s a classic novel, the biggest strength of the show is the music,” ECCT’s director Wayne Marek said of the production. It runs April 8-11 at the State Theatre.

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