Impress-a-Date Dinners

a guide to romance nad local food

photos by Andrea Paulseth

Nothing says “romance” and “sushi” like a romantic plate of sushi – A quiet night out at Shangahi Bistro.

Just when you thought Volume One had a guide to everything but your personal life, we up and dove right in. That’s right, we’ve handled everything from a horribly staged blind date to your 10-year anniversary, all of which without the use of highly invasive, highly high definition night-vision goggles. You can thank us later. For now, just get out there and mingle!


Whether your mom set  up a blind date or you worked up the courage to ask out a cute acquaintance, you’re looking for something quick, pretty cheap, and a little noisy (to avoid awkward silences).

Volume One’s affection officials recommend:
Mogie’s Pub (436 Water St.) and Acoustic Café (505 S Barstow St., EC or 102 Main St., Menomonie)

Now you’re looking to get to know this person, so you want something quiet, a little bit longer time frame, and with a diverse menu so you can gauge their tastes/pickiness.

Volume One’s Don Juans and John Cusacks recommend:
Water Street Deli (628 Water St.), Pad Thai (203 N Barstow St.), and Cicione’s (120 N Clairemont Ave.)

You’re looking for something lovey-dovey, that takes reservations, and is a little romantic – but nothing over the top, it’s not like it’s your anniversary.

V1’s crew of cupids recommend:
Shanghai Bistro (2930 Craig Road), Stella Blues (306 E Madison St.), and Sweetwaters (1104 W Clairemont Ave.)

You’re looking for big table seating, a casual atmosphere, and an eccentric menu so people can try each other’s dishes.

V1’s couple connectors recommend:
Das Bierhaus (120 6th Ave., Menomonie), The Livery (316 Wisconsin St.), and Zanzibar (228 Main St., Menomonie)


You’re looking for something special for the scrapbook, but nothing that’ll bust your fledgling budget.

V1’s licensed love doctors recommend:
Haymarket Grill (101 Graham Ave.), Duncan Creek (213 Bridge St., Chippewa Falls), and Draganetti’s (3120 Hillcrest Pkwy., Altoona)


This is a serious memory-maker, whether to set the mood for the proposal later on or to actually do it right there. (Just don’t do the ring-in-champagne bit, please.)

V1’s hopeless romantics recommend:
Mona Lisa’s (428 Water St.) and Houligan’s Steak and Seafood Pub (415 S Barstow St.)


You’re a few years into cohabitation/marriage and need someplace quiet to get away from the kids and have time for just the two of you.

V1’s kinship virtuosos recommend:
Fanny Hill Dinner Theatre (3919 Crescent Ave.) and Fischer’s on the Green (2333 Hillcrest Pkwy, Altoona)

You’re looking for that once-in-a-long-while situation, where you’re willing to drop some significant dough and stare longingly into your aging loved one’s eyes.

V1’s vivaciousness veterans recommend:
The Creamery (E4620 Cty Road C, Menomonie) and High Shores Supper Club (17985 Cty Hwy X, Chippewa Falls)
You’re a few years into cohabitation/marriage and need someplace quiet to get away from the kids and have time for just the two of you.

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