Locally Penned Madrigal Play Returns to North High

Bailey Berg

While you could give your little princess a box of chocolates on Valentines Day, how about giving them a giant turkey leg this year, so they can feel like a king? North High School’s Husky Moon Theatre Company is hosting a medieval dinner and play called A Zany Little Thing Called Love. The story, written by Jim Jeffries (North High teacher) and Jane Jeffries (English instructor at UW-Stout), is about a Prince Charming who is anything but charming. The not-so-charming fellow is under a spell and is dreadful at courting the ladies of yore. In order to woo the princess, he enlists the help of Rosalyn, a witty commoner, who has been posting fliers to work out her aggression over a messy break-up. Throw in a Jester who can’t read and a princess who plots to take over the kingdom, and you’ve got yourself a romantic comedy just in time for Valentines Day. Reserve your seats at North High school, or call 852-6685 or 833-0140.

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