Alternative registry

traditional gifts for the bride & groom

Caradori Pottery of Eau Claire.

The Wood Shed in Augusta is your local stop for all home-related fabrics under the umbrella term “linens.” They are known for their handcrafted quilts, as well as tablecloths, runners, doilies, valances, and placemats.

From the plates to the coffee cups to the chopstick bowls, everything David Caradori makes is dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe. Look for matching ware, or create your own set by specially ordering through Caradori.

For the more traditional-minded, Scandinavian Imports carries a selection of crystal stemware and dishes for the newlyweds’ fanciest party.

Kitchen Utensils
Studio craft artist Harley Leonard can custom-make cutting boards out of a combination of hard maple and exotic, decorative woods. He also commissions kitchen necessities such as knife blocks, wood salad tossers, cookbook stands, and spice racks.

Other Home Furnishings
The Wood Shed sells other homey items such as lamps, pottery,
clocks, birdhouses, and furniture made from oak, pine, hickory, and cherry wood.




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