Eat-and-Greet with the Champion Packers

Ken Szymanski

When the Packers won the Super Bowl back in 1997, it seemed like the beginning of a dynasty. It turned out to be the peak. Now that peak is turning into nostalgia, in the form of a prime rib dinner buffet with some of those gridiron warriors at Eau Claire’s Civic Center. For $75 (a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Leroy Butler Breast Cancer Foundation) you can be in the room with Leroy Butler (invented the Lambeau Leap), Chris Jacke (had a formidable mullet), Mark Chmura (insert joke here), Antonio Freeman (made amazing catches with broken arm), and Bill Schroeder (had a knack for sending Coach Holmgren into televised fits of rage). Fans can ask questions, bid at a silent auction, review the ’96 championship game on the big screens, and get one autograph from each player. Purchase one of the 300 available tickets at Wagner’s Lanes,, or by phone at 800-595-4849.

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Ken Szymanski lives in Eau Claire’s Third Ward neighborhood, with his wife and two sons. He attempts to live in the present, but the 1980s have always exerted a strong gravitational pull on his writing. He tries to fight it, but it’s no use sometimes.

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