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    Soon the nachos and salsa arrive. Most Mexican restaurants serve salsa and guacamole, but none serves a salsa and guacamole like Azul Tequila. This is not a watery salsa. This is chunky salsa with warm nachos, and a nice kick of spicy to the palate. And the guacamole is surprisingly pure, with avocado taste to its fullest and a consistency enjoyable enough to eat alone.

“Our cooks start at 8 a.m., everyday, preparing the nachos, guacamole, salsa, and others to make sure everything is fresh for the day,” Aca said.

As for the main dishes, they have a wide variety of lunch and dinner specials, not to mention their vegetarian selections and kids menu, with lunches starting at $4 and dinners capped at $9.

The signature dish of Azul Tequila is the Fajita Special. As soon as this plate leaves the kitchen customers can hear it sizzling, leaving behind the aroma of a combination of chorizo, shrimp, chicken, and beef with rice, beans, sour cream, pico de gallo, and tortillas. Wash it down with Agua de Horchata (rice water), one of their five Mexican sodas, eight imported Mexican beers, or several types of margaritas. Aca said he and his two business partners used their family recipes to create the menu, adding that none of their food is spicy unless a customer asks for it.

Even though the restaurant just opened, it is starting to be noticed by locals. It is not only their décor and ambiance that gives Azul Tequila the upper hand in Mexican dining. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much food you’re served, how fresh it is, the tastes, and how little you will pay.

    Azul Tequila • open seven days a week • 2503 London Road • 833-0200