Note from the Editor | January 14, 2010

Nick Meyer

Another new thing to tell you about. Volume One just teamed up with the Eau Claire Parks and Rec department to bring you a new winter-based event series starting on Thursday, January 14 in EC’s Boyd Park. It’s called Winter After Hours. You can find all the details in an ad on page 3 and an article on page 23 – and if enough of you come out for it, it’s going to be great. But backing up for a minute, I want to talk about how this new series came to be. And that’s basically because the people at Eau Claire’s Parks and Rec are fantastic. In the middle of the crazy holiday season, they were all ears when I pitched them the idea to try and create a winter counterpart to our successful summer series in Phoenix Park (and then slipped in that we’d have the first one in just a few weeks). They weren’t just hearing me out, they were excited about it. They got it, and they took action to make it a reality. Reaching further, we asked Beaver Creek Reserve to get involved with snowshoes. We then recruited private businesses to sell hot beverages and rent skates, and others to support the series through sponsorship. Finally, we approached some enthusiastic and creative locals about creating snow sculptures and hosting games of kubb each week. It’s very exciting to me that Eau Claire is in a place where something like this, kind of a risky public venture, can come together so quickly with just a few phone calls, a meeting or two, and a little bit of elbow grease. So now, all the people and organizations that are making this new series a reality are turning to you, and the rest of Eau Claire, to make it all work – by coming out once a week to meet your neighbors, drink some hot chocolate, and play in the snow.

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