Winter is for Everyone:
Going for the Sweep

Dream of putting on your favorite hockey team jersey and scarf, and hitting the ice, but your skating skills are a little shaky? Maybe Broomball is the right winter sport for you. There are two teams, consisting of six players, and the object of the game is to score more than your opponent by hitting the ball into your opponents’ net. Sounds suspiciously like hockey, right? Well the twist is that you’re wearing shoes and using a broom. In the past Demmler Park in Eau Claire’s Third Ward has had brooms to borrow, but that rink isn’t operational this year, so you’ll have to improvise or join the upcoming Hobbs Ice Center league.

Adult Broomball register by Jan. 29 for Wednesday night league from February through March • Hobbs Ice Center, Eau Claire • $300 per team •

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