Local Teens' Metal Band Gaining Momentum

Bailey Berg

Most high school bands never get the chance to leave the garage and, if they do, it’s to play the school’s talent show. But not these guys. Metal band on the rise Our Judgment recently traveled down to Iowa to record the single After Party at Pendelwood Studios. Lead vocalist Jake Olson said, “We were contacted by an independent firm whose job is artist development. They find a band they think is worth developing, and help them have an image and sound that is marketable.” Since then, the group has collaborated with local filmmaker Rico Roman to make a video for the same song. “Any band can make a song,” Jake said. “Here we can give the people something tangible. We want to project an image that will make people want to come to the shows, and become more interested in the band.” The band consists of Jake, guitarists Steve Saures and David Sheen, and drummer Tony Buckley. Check out the single and video at MySpace.com/ourjudgementwi.

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