Thorp Church to Become a Recording Studio

Bailey Berg

A great place to lay down some phat tracks.

Brothers Darrell and Chauncy Marrier are working on converting the vacant, deteriorating St. Hedwig’s Church into a recording studio. Seven years ago, the duo formed a nonprofit group focused on building and remodeling homes for the needy, completely free of charge. The humanitarian pair raised money for said ventures through benefit concerts by their band Fragile. And now they’re setting their sights on St. Hedwig’s, the largest rural church building in the country with a 45-foot high ceiling and masterfully designed acoustics that are hard to replicate. Long story short, they got local bishops and community members on board, and were able to obtain a 50-year lease for $1 a year. The project has drawn the attention of famous music studio designer Michael Cronin. Plans call for the sanctuary to be renovated into a large recording studio, with four smaller recording areas under the massive balcony, and the basement will become offices for the Hands Foundation. The hope is that they’ll be able to let local and regional bands come and record in the next year or so. For more information check out

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