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    2. Never say never. If it can be done in the harsh environment of Black Rock City, I am convinced it can be done anywhere. Both good and bad (as defined by our society) happens at Burning Man, and I witnessed only a tiny fraction of it. If people believe they can do something and they are set on doing it, it can be done.

  3. Experiences are created from pieces. Burning Man in and of itself did not define my time there. Every element that came together during the week. The people, the conversations, the camaraderie, the challenges, and the opportunities defined my comprehensive Burning Man memory. Likewise, no one thing in the default world can define an experience. A number of elements – the time of day, our surroundings, our emotions, our pre-conceived notions – play a part in every moment. If something isn’t working, I’ve learned to change just one or two things in a given moment and suddenly I’m empowered to control the entire experience.

    4. Ask why not. I’ve gotten so used to asking why I should do something that it never dawned on me to ask “why not?” The default world defines our confines. I’ve come to live within that space, and, at some point in my life, stopped questioning anything beyond that defined area. At Burning Man, instead of looking internally for validation, I gave myself the freedom to do what was comfortable, safe, and right for me. In the process I realized that asking “why not?” opened up many doors I had already mentally closed.

    5. Nothing can define creativity, beauty, or art. Nowhere else have I experienced such a concentration of such spectacular surroundings. Burning Man is an expression of passion. People are real. This isn’t a parade of outrageous costumes; people are decked out in fur, feathers, leather, wings, masks, wigs, lingerie, lace, or nothing at all because they want to and they can … and because they are comfortable doing so. Likewise, the art at Burning Man ranges from fantastic and functional to simple and subtle. When viewed in the context of an environment of open expression, everything is multi-dimensional. Just as –and because – creativity, beauty, and art defy definition, so does Burning Man.