Local Hip-Hop Association? Yep.

Mitchell See, photos by Hanna Agar

Breakneck The Mage

    Breakneck The Mage is calling all B-Boys, B-Girls, hip-hop enthusiasts, rap appreciators, and anyone else listening (or reading). He’s saying get off your butts and help him secure a culture. Breakneck is attempting to create a social organization as an outlet for the hip-hop scene of Eau Claire. The new group would gear toward expressing and preserving a music community and a way of life that does not need to fade from the Valley. Mage envisions a place with room for DJ equipment, practicing moves, bouncing lyrics off each other, and meeting new friends. All plans are tentative as of yet, but with some help, it could become a reality. The group still needs a place to meet, ideas for venues, and of course members! It could be a local bar, a restaurant with open space, or just somewhere with a decent amount of room for people to gather. If it comes down to it, they could even designate a musty, unused basement as their headquarters, but this is open to suggestions. Mage also spoke of hosting a hip-hop expo of sorts, whether it will be soon or after the group gets a chance to meet and brainstorm about it. He sees it as an opportunity to showcase the diverse ethnicities that hip-hop brings together, the talents it exemplifies, and the comradery if offers to all. If you would like to get involved, or think you have any ideas to help the Mage, check out his website and contact him at eauclairehiphop.blogspot.com.

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