Holly Henson

“irreverently upbeat” comedian to laugh off cancer

Bailey Berg

Comedian Holly Henson is topical. See the paper?

Holly Henson, a self described “irreverently upbeat” comic, is a one-woman show and a comedic sledge hammer, never coming up short on targets or laughs. She draws inspiration from her husband, and his typical Minnesota outdoorsman-ness. “He’s one of those couch potato hunter guys,” she said in an interview. “He buys all the camo stuff, but he’s too overweight to use it.” A comedian for 20 years, she doesn’t mind poking fun at herself, either. She jokes that, “I like to go to Abercrombie, but the only thing that fits me are the aisles,” and that she ages like wine, because “I’m cheaper, last longer, and have convenient lifting handles.” Henson, who has been featured on both The Bob and Tom Radio Show and USA Network, says she hasn’t hit the “big time, because I’m just too lazy.” That, and she refuses to buy into the whole Facebook or Twitter phenomenon. “I’d rather have a one-of-a-kind, authentic experience, and then go our separate ways.” Henson has been using her sense of humor to battle cancer, a fight she won once, but is now gearing up for round two, having just recently restarted chemotherapy. Her show will be benefiting Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, as she will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the cause, while the other portion “will be given to another charity – me.” Come see as Henson serves up a golden plate of mock sarcasm and witty zingers.

    Comedy for the Cure with Holly Henson • October 9 • Green Mill, 2703 Craig Road, Eau Claire • 8-9:30pm • $15 • ages 18+ • 577-0093

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