Asia Palace

the Valley’s newest Asian buffet adds a sushi chef to the mix

Bailey Berg, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Opted for the chop sticks.

    So unobtrusive is Eau Claire’s newest Asian eatery, Asia Palace, marked only with its name on the façade, that you could very well drive by it on your way to Borders or Best Buy. But what a bummer that would be, as you’d be missing out on one of the better oriental buffets in the Valley.

Step inside, and behold the tremendous fountain just inside the door, venture around the corner and see the full-service bar, made of jade stone, and feel your jaw hit the floor as you gaze upon the sheer amount of food offered.

Diners have two options when visiting Asia Palace. They can sit down, and order an entrée, which includes white rice, and depending on the dish, a spring roll. A few highlights from this side of the menu include the Lemon Chicken, spicy Sha Cha Beef, and the Dragon & Phoenix, a two-part dish served with lobster, fresh vegetables, crisp water chestnuts, and bamboo shoots in white sauce, accompanied by crispy chicken and broccoli in a brown sauce.

Or guests can opt for the truly massive buffet, featuring a myriad of Asian fare, from Chinese to Japanese to Korean and everything in-between. We’re talking giant crab legs, crayfish, soups, close to a dozen chicken and vegetable dishes, a Mongolian grill – heck, they’ve even got made to order sushi as part of the buffet! They’ve got all the typical stuff (lo mein, fried rice, etc.), and even American stuff like pizza, garlic bread, prime rib, chicken tenders, and cheese sticks. Quite possibly the most food options of any Asian buffet in the Chippewa Valley.

Combining culinary cultures can come off as either a jumbled mess or an inviting prospect. At Asian Palace, it’s the latter. It puts out vibrant, exciting flavors and presents them with style and elegance, making it a worthy contender in a city that already has an abundance of Asian buffets.

    Asia Palace • 4069 Commonwealth Ave., Eau Claire • 552-5883 • Lunch buffet is $7.50, and dinner buffet is $9.50

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