The Valley Gets a New Listener

upon the birth of my second kid, I’m thinking about music

Mike Paulus

Believe it or not, the nurses, doctors, and midwives over at Luther Hospital have allowed me to bring home a human baby – for the second time. I’m pretty sure they based their decision on my wife’s parenting ability, because so far, my fathering skill set mostly consists of successfully fighting my daughter for the “Clipo” pieces I need to complete my Awesome Battle Tower with Giant Cannons and Grappling Hook Launchers. So I’m glad my wife was around to swing the vote.

Yep, now I’ve got twice the kids. And so far, Kid Number 2 has been just as amazing as Kid Number 1. This time around, the household is a lot more relaxed, allowing us to focus more on the fun stuff. For example, with Kid Number 2, I’m more preoccupied with the cute little faces he makes whilst releasing an epic fart than I am with holding his head in EXACTLY the right way so he won’t fumble from my hands and fall into a 200-foot deep crevasse which just suddenly formed in my living room floor. Stuff like that.

After Kid Number 1 was born, I noticed a leap in my concern over the place we live. And, despite its embarrassing lack of Space Needles, I’m happy to say the Chippewa Valley seemed like a terrific place to raise a kid. It still does. But sitting here and now, three years after my first child came along, there’s definitely some stuff I wish was different – and I hope it changes by the time my new kid is potty trained.

Like what? Well, I’d kind of hoped that many of the things science had mapped out for us in well-researched dissertations, like the film script for Back to the Future, would have come to fruition while I was young enough to enjoy them. You know, the usual stuff like jet packs and laser guns and garbage-powered, time-traveling, flying cars. But since I’m not entering these words via brain beams into a MindWriter from the spacious patio of a hover café as I sip a Space Latte, I guess I’ll just sigh a disappointed sigh and hope that my kids will get to do all that stuff at some point in the future.

Perhaps more realistic expectations can be expected from the local music scene. Like what? Keep reading.

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