Public Enemies Invades CTV

Heather Mawhiney

See here, coppah.

Weekly CTV program, John’s Movie Corner, hosted by John David Bruha, will air Public Enemy #1: The Making of a Gangster Movie in Wisconsin August 14 at 4pm, August 17 at 10am, August 22 at 8am, and August 26 at 9am. A life-long Chippewa Valley resident and UW-Eau Claire journalism graduate, Bruha interviewed movie extras, set designers, car owners, and make-up artists, in the months before the advanced screening of Public Enemies, in preparation for the show’s most recent episode. The nearly five-year-old program has previously interviewed cast members of Hoosiers and Star Wars, and the authors of World War Z and Leatherheads of the North. John’s Movie Corner airs weekly on cable channel 96, Mondays at 5pm and Thursdays at 9:30pm.

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