ARTIST PROFILE: Another Man's Treasure

Roger Adams uses trash for art materials

Brittany Landorf, photos by Andrea Paulseth

HE COULDN’T SHAKE THE FEELING THAT SOMEONE WAS WATCHING HIM. Artist Roger Adams scours garage sales, searching for the unique and reusable fixtures to be used in his creations.

The first thing you notice when turning the corner onto Farwell Street off of Harding Avenue, is the profusion of flowers spilling from a quaint, white house. Its unassuming manner creates a charming backdrop for the wealth of green to take hold and blind the viewer’s eye. 

Roger Adams is made in a similar vein as his house, quiet with an abundance of intelligence and passion for living things resting beneath his calm demeanor. His passion finds an outlet in the sculptures, paintings, and works of art that he has been creating for the past 20 years. In an effort to respect the earth and cherish it, Adams employs recycled materials in virtually every aspect of his art, stating that, “Ecology is the thread of life.”

Every year Adams scours garage sales, searching for the unique and reusable fixtures that are often thrown away and discarded in our capitalistic society. Adams even gathers the dryer lint from his laundry to create paint that contains a texture akin to Van Gogh in its finished project.

Each artwork that Adams creates holds a message for the world and the careless treatment many humans bestow on, “The only planet we have,” according to the artist. In addition to dryer lint, Adams also draws his finished creations from used frames, old pictures, buttons, wood, rock, toys, and more, ultimately leaving, “nothing to waste.”  

Adams’ own house and surrounding garden is a testimony to the firm belief in the green movement that he possesses. He points out that his art, which is born out of reusable materials, is a statement of how man needs to be the protector of the earth, “Humans are like army worms. We chew and eat the grass and everything green, until there is nothing left.”

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