Riding High

former locals Megafaun release sophomore album

Ian Jacoby

HI-HO INDIE MUSIC! Megafaun is (l-r) Joe Westerlund, Trigger, Brad Cook, Dancer, Phil Cook, and Mojito.

Former Eau Claire natives, Megafaun are set to release their second album, Gather, Form and Fly on July 21 through Hometapes. The folk-indie barnstormers alternate between mournful southern banjo and soaring Allman Brothers-esque rock.

The dudes are no stranger to good press from the sometimes fickle indie rock media elite, but this album seems to be teetering on the verge of something great. Pitchfork and Independent Weekly are already singing the praises of individual tracks (Pitchfork gave a 7 to the single, Kaufman’s Ballad).

The album is the representative crest of a momentum that has been building since the North Carolina band toured with Akron/Family and The Rosebuds. Gather, Form and Fly is a proclamation to any who will listen. Megafaun is here; and they aren’t playing second fiddle to anyone.

    Buy the album on CD, mp3, or vinyl and hear a few songs first at either www.home-tapes.com or www.megafaun.com.