Flu Comes Squealing Home

swine flu was pretty funny ‘til it happened to me … then it was only kind of funny

Jodie Arnold

    I don’t know about you, but when I first heard about this whole “swine flu” epidemic, I kinda rolled my eyes. YES, I know people were dying from it, but then I reasoned, “Don’t people die from the regular flu anyway? What is the big deal here?” I blamed it all on the media and their need to scare people whenever they possibly can. Which might still be true. Present publication excluded, of course.

It seemed like the whole trend had passed, and since I wasn’t hearing much else about an outbreak of cases in Eau Claire, I even stopped washing my hands again and resumed my drinking out of other peoples’ glasses. Wait ... who am I kidding? I never stopped doing that. (And don’t worry mom, I do wash my hands on a regular basis.) Anyway, I just disregarded the whole thing as something you “read about in the paper,” like my grandma would say, and moved on to bigger issues like the whole Jon and Kate saga.

Well, that was my first mistake.

I was at work when I got a call from my roommate. I knew it must be bad because he never ever calls me. He tells me that he was just confirmed as having Influenza A and his results were currently being sent out for verification on H1N1 (the supposedly less scary and more pig-friendly name for the Swine Flu).

My mouth just dropped. He had this dry cough for days, and we’d been blaming it on the flurry of drywall dust hanging in the air at the house. But just that day, I had started with the same dry cough that I instantly started suppressing. He told me that I should really think about going in if I started getting sick.

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