Tech Support: The Musical

local thespians lampoon modern customer service

Heather Mawhiney

Not happy with his tech support.

    Tech Support: The Musical, the hilarious show centered around the not-so-funny nightmare of a tech support call, will be featured at the Mabel Tainter and Grand Little Theatre for one night only. UW-Eau Claire graduates Adam Boll and Josh Hertel, creators of the math-related musical Logger-Rhythms, dish up a sarcastic and politically incorrect comedy to immortalize those “it’s not funny now, but you’ll laugh about it later” moments that we all can appreciate. Carl, the unlucky owner of a malfunctioning high-tech refrigerator, calls tech support for help and is provided with anything but. Thrown into a world marked by frustration, Carl is bombarded by phone operator transfers, mind-numbing hold music, and butchered variations of the English language, all while enduring the snarky comments from his unsympathetic wife, until he finally explodes. Tech Support pokes fun at all things corporate: greed, apathy, and outsourcing. Audiences have often afterward sought out cast and crew to share their own tech support tales. Tech Support pokes fun at all things corporate: greed, apathy, and outsourcing. “We workshopped the production before and it was very well received. Almost everybody we talked to after the show had a tech support story to tell,” said regional stage and screen veteran director Michael Cook, who brings the cast and crew together with the six-piece band. “Tech Support: It’s fast, it’s funny, and it’s much shorter than your average tech support call.”

    July 22 and 25 • Grand Little Theatre, 102 W. Grand Ave., Eau Claire, and Mabel Tainter Theater, 205 Main St., Menomonie • 7:30pm and 8pm • adults $10, seniors/students/kids $8 • 235-9726

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