Forté Gallery

ECRAC’s Visual Art Committee hangs their own work up

Gillian Ekern

Cyndee Kaiser

For the first time ever, the Visual Art Committee of the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center is coming together to show their own artwork in the Forté Gallery. These local and regional, working and professional artists will showcase various media like ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, paintings, and photography. The artists include Bruce Warren, Jill Olm, Kathy Seitz, Cyndee Kaiser, Joan-Marie Crane, Sadie Deml, Sue O’Neill, David Brock, Dick Milheiser, Kathy LaValle, and Ryan Kruse. Artist and committee member David Brock said it’s the first time the committee has done anything like this. Members have shown their artwork before, but not all in one exhibit. “It’s a chance for (attendees) to see who these people are that run the gallery,” he said. “Many of them are working artists, so it’s interesting to see these people showing their artwork.” The committee has been together since the inception of the gallery back in 1986, but members decided just now to put their contributions together. “We thought it would be something different than what’s normally shown here,” Brock said. “It would be kind of fun for us as well as the community.” Though summer is not the gallery’s prime season, Brock said he hopes the fresh idea will generate more popularity for Eau Claire’s summer residents.

    Forté • runs June 17-July 10 with a reception June 18 • Eau Claire Regional Arts Center, 316 Eau Claire St. • 9am to 4:30pm, reception is 6-7:30pm • FREE • 832-2787 •

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