Comeback Keil

local punk bassist back on tour with Comeback Kid

Andy Plank, photos by Andrea Paulseth

AMPED. Local rawker Matt Keil has played over 200 shows as bass player for Canadian punk group Comeback Kid.

    “I started with CBK at the end of 2007. Since then I think we’ve played over 200 shows in about 35 countries on five different continents.”

Not a shabby resume for EC born-and-raised Matt Keil, who among other things played and/or sang in local bands Silvering, When It Fades, and Regret. Now the 23 year-old North High and UWEC graduate and former V1 staff member spends most of his days playing bass in one of the most prolific and highly praised hardcore/punk bands in recent history, Comeback Kid.

Their 2007 release, Broadcasting, hit number 129 on the Billboard 200, a rare accomplishment for a punk album, and in ‘08, the band put out a live CD/DVD called Through the Noise, along with a documentary titled Our Distance, that covers the history of the group and captures their experiences on the road.

“Like I said, we’ve played in a lot of countries, so it might be kid of silly to list them all,” Keil says, “but we’ve done some far flung places most bands don’t get to, like South America, South-East Asia and Australia/New Zealand...I have not played the same city twice in CBK.”
Keil took a short break to cool off and spend a bit of time at home before he headed back out on a European tour that started on April 10. During this trip he’ll be keeping a blog on for friends and fans.

Matt’s Top-Three International Touring Moments (so far)

1.  “Playing the Download Festival in England with crazy bands like KISS, Motorhead, Jimmy Eat World, Rival Schools, and more. And then being done early so I could watch all the bands. We met Lemmy (Motorhead singer/bassist), and our drummer said, “Hey, sorry to bother you,” and he replied, “Don’t worry about it, people bother me all the time.” Yes.”

2.  “Flying into Indonesia on bad work Visas, bribing the border to let us in, and then bribing the security to let us in without paying taxes on our equipment (or jailing us). Then playing one of the best shows of my life.”

3.  Favorite country: New Zealand. “Beautiful beaches, exotic candy and soda, nice surfers, home of Middle Earth and good shows.”

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