Cedarwell w/ Daredevil

local indie favorites tag team teahouse with lone folker

Ian Jacoby

    Erik Neave of Cedarwell has done some crazy stuff since he was last in our neck of the woods. He’s recorded a devilishly good album, played on a balcony in the middle of Germany for a music blog, and generally caused all kinds of smoky-folk havoc. So where do we begin? First of all, Cedarwell is just one dude, Neave. He writes music that is dark and beautiful and thought provoking. He plays guitar and sings. He gets lots of other guys to sing and play with him. He is pretty good friends with fellow art-folkers, The Daredevil Christopher Wright. Those guys (DCW) will be Neave’s backing band when he plays at the Infinitea. Now do we understand each other? Seriously though, Neave’s songwriting is perfect for us up-north, woodsy types. It grabs with a whisper, or subtle strum of a chord. His music, both dark and hopeful, intense and quiet, is evocative enough to stand up on its own. Now add three guys who not only play in one of the finest bands in the area, but also can harmonize better than anyone this side of Brian Wilson, and you’ve got a show to remember. I must give definite Props to Infinitea for continuing to get it right and bringing in awesome local and regional music. This is definitely a show worth spilling a little loose-leaf tea over. 

    Cedarwell (with support by Daredevil Christopher Wright) • Feb. 16 • InfiniTea Teahouse, 112 E Grand Ave, Eau Claire • 8 pm • $5 • 514-1975 • www.infiniteateahouse.com

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