A Day in Santa’s Planner

We asked area third graders what they think Santa does all day.

Local Kids


Once upon a time there was a weird Santa living in the North Pole and every morning he buyed some cheese. But every time he could not find it so he bought a sword. And when he came home he cut down the door. Then he looks in his pocket and finds the key. Then he brakes down the house. Then his blind wife comes home. He goes outside. Then his wife asked, “How was your day?” He said, “Same as usual.” – Noah Schultz, Locust Lane Elementary

I think Santa’s planner looks like this: he wakes up, eats one pounds of pancakes shaped as gingerbread men. The he goes to the toy factory to supervise his elves. After that, he goes to sign contracts, buy stocks, and go to dinner. After dinner he takes a shower and goes to bed. – Ryan C., Locust Lane Elementary

Santa goes swimming when the sun melts the ice and he dives right in. Then he has three ice cream cones. Then the moon comes up and he puts all the elves to sleep and he plays his Xbox 360 and Madden Football ’09, cranks up the radio, and watches the NBA. Then the boring part comes! He has to inspect the elves’ toys. After all that he takes his stinky socks and goes to sleep! – Mason D. Phillips, Locust Lane Elementary

Hour 1: Wake up
Hour 2: Eat breakfast
Hour 3: Drink coffee
Hour 4: Feed the reindeer
Hour 5: Drive around town
Hour 6: Help the elves make toys
Hour 7: Go shopping
Hour 8: Go ice skating
Hour 9: Watch kids
Hour 10: Make the list
Hour 11: Eat lunch
Hour 12: Feed the reindeer
Hour 13: Bathroom/shower
Hour 14: Watch TV
Hour 15: Take a nap
Hour 16: Ride the reindeer
Hour 17: Have a snack
Hour 18: Take a nap
Hour 19: Text on the phone
Hour 20: Drive around town
Hour 21: Eat dinner
Hour 22: Watch TV
Hour 23: Feed the reindeer
Hour 24: Go to bed
-- Jayce Fisher, Locust Lane Elementary

Santa’s planner is busy! He gets to stay in the North Pole all year long until Christmas. That part is not so busy, but then the day before Christmas Eve he has to plan out what the children want for Christmas. He says to himself all the presents that have to be delivered around the world at night. Finally it is the morning of Christmas Eve. Santa starts to get busy. First, he gets the toys in the sleigh. Then he gets his reindeer hooked up. Finally it was nighttime. Santa was just getting ready to take off when Mrs. Claus shouted out, “You forgot your jacket.” Santa got his jacket and took off to deliver presents. “Merry Christmas,” said Santa. “Ho, ho, ho.” – Matelyn Peplinski, Locust Lane Elementary

Santa’s planner says that he has to tell the elves what to make for the children. He also feeds the reindeer so they will be active so when they have to fly, they can, so Santa can give all of the children their gifts and all of the children will be happier than ever in their lives and wake up and open their presents and scream their head off because they got what they always wanted. – Allison, Locust Lane Elementary

On Santa’s planner there are lots of reindeer and people. People that live in the North Pole never see Santa, but only at Christmas night in the moonlight. On every Christmas Eve, Santa will wake up, dress up as a Santa, then go to meet the reindeer. He has to choose eight reindeer for the ride. Then he goes back home and sees how the elves are doing. There are about 200 elves working in Santa’s house. Santa has to write notes with the presents that he gives to them. He has to do that all day and night. On Christmas night, Santa will put all the presents in a bag and give them to children who are nice. The next Christmas Santa might give lots of presents. --- Thidarat, Locust Lane Elementary

When Santa waked up he will get dressed, take a shower, and go to his workshop to make about 64 presents. While he is making the 64 presents he is making sure his elves are making much more than him. Then he will eat eggs, hashbrowns, and bacon for breakfast. After that he will meet with his friend and have a snowball fight. After that he will eat lunch. Then he will make a snowman and throw snowballs at it and he sure laughs. Then he will make a ton of cookies and he calls, “Come and get it.” Then everyone will eat dinner and then they will watch television, then go to bed. The end. – Aaron, Locust Lane Elementary

On Christmas Eve Santa’s day is very busy. First he wakes up and gets dressed. Then he goes downstairs and has a breakfast of hot oatmeal and hot cocoa made by Mrs. Claus. After breakfast he bundles up, since the North Pole is very cold. Santa goes to see the reindeer. He feeds them and cleans their stalls. Then he has lunch and decorates the house. He goes to the workshop and helps the elves wrap presents. Santa loads the presents into the sleigh, hooks up the reindeer, and delivers the presents. When he gets back, the tired Santa goes to bed. – Elizabeth, Locust Lane Elementary

In the winter Santa Claus keeps the elves going so the kids can have toys at Christmas. After that, Santa gets the reindeer hooked up to the sleigh. After he does that, he puts the toys in the bag. Then he goes on the sleigh on Christmas. He gives the presents to the kids. – Arik, Locust Lane Elementary

Santa helps the elves make toys. He relaxes for a minute or two. Then he delivers presents. Then he goes back to bed. – Cole Morden, Locust Lane Elementary

When he wakes up, Santa checks the work room. He makes sure everything is okay. Then he gets his cherry chocolate shake or coffee. The he goes to the san-man shop. – Eliot Van Glunsven, Locust Lane Elementary

Santa makes a good ride with Rudolph and Santa makes a snowman ‘til night and Santa watches TV for a week and Santa goes to bed until a year. – Sunil, Locust Lane Elementary

Santa makes toys to get ready for next year’s Christmas. Santa also checks the kids. Who’s been good and who’s been bad. Then Santa puts them on the list of good kids and bad kids. Then he goes to bed. Then Santa does the same thing the next day and the next day and the next day and so on. Also ho ho ho for all you kids who are reading this. – Stephanie A. George, Locust Lane Elementary

He goes to houses, goes home, then goes to bed. He goes to his good and bad list and see who gets coal. – Dustin Smith, Locust Lane Elementary

From the time he wakes up from the time he goes to bed Santa makes sure elves are making the right toys for the nice little children. Also what he does is he wraps up the toys. That’s what he does in the morning. – Kayla Aubart, Locust Lane Elementary

Santa plans what children might want for Christmas. In the morning he wraps presents and then he goes to bed. – Chelsi, Locust Lane Elementary

He makes toys for all year long. Every Christmas Santa brings us presents. – Jared, Locust Lane Elementary

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