Artwork with Teeth

Shark’s Ink exclusively made for Foster Gallery

Caitlin Heidbrink

An intricate display of finely carved wood exudes color and light as if it were electric. Another artist creates a wacky, eccentric lithograph depiction of a New York City street corner and another blindingly bold tribute to Henri Matisse in Morocco. Intensely diverse works of art such as these are simply a taste of what this contemporary publishing company has to offer.

It has been a decade since an exhibition by publishers Shark’s Ink graced the walls of the Foster Gallery. Its second coming, Shark’s Ink Revisited, will run Oct. 9-30 at the Foster Gallery, located in the Haas Fine Arts Center of UW-Eau Claire.

“We thought it would be nice to see what some of the artists featured then are doing now and to introduce the community to several other artists Shark’s has worked with,” said Tom Wagener, Foster’s gallery director.

Revisited is a one-stop exhibit, put together specifically for Foster Gallery by Shark’s Ink. Wagener said UW-Eau Claire’s printmaking professor Sandra Starck chose specific pieces from Shark’s collection for the exhibit. Wagener said the pieces are mostly color lithographs, Shark’s main medium, in addition to woodcuts and monoprints.

Bud Shark, master printer, collaborator, and publisher at Shark’s Ink, said pieces that stand out include John Buck’s woodcuts and Red Grooms’ three-dimensional lithographs.

 “Also, Enrique Chagoya’s codices are amazing pieces in part because of their format and also because of the socio-political content,” he said.

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