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Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls and Menomonie have several ordinances regarding pet ownership. Violating these laws may lead to citations, impoundment, or even arrest.

 Annual Licenses
*Every dog and cat more than five months old needs to be licensed.
• In Eau Claire, a license for an un-neutered or -spayed dog costs $34, while a neutered or spayed license runs $17. Similarly, cats cost $23 and $12, respectively.  
• In Chippewa Falls, licenses for neutered or spayed dogs/cats cost $5, while those that are not cost $10.
• In Menomonie, a license for a spayed or neutered dog/cat costs $6, while those that are not cost $11.

Leash Laws
• Eau Claire and Menomonie require pet owners to keep their animal on a leash no longer than eight feet when off their premises. Chippewa Falls has a similar ordinance, however requires the leash to be six feet or less.

Vaccination and Tags
• The cities require that dogs and cats receive the rabies vaccination, and wear a tag on its to recognize it.

At Large
• The cities forbid dogs, cats, and other domestic animals to run at large, meaning off the premises of its owner and not under control. Any at-large animal will be impounded.

• Eau Claire forbids pets in public

Maximum Pets
• Eau Claire restricts its residents from owning more than two dogs and three cats. Menomonie has a five-animal limit in any combination of dogs and cats an owner may choose.

“In Season”
• Chippewa Falls requires owners of female dogs and cats to keep them secured or enclosed when “in season.”

• It is illegal to abandon, abuse, poison, confine, or train pets for fighting. All three cities stress pet owners handle pets in a humane and sanitary manner.

Bathroom Breaks
• The cities forbid pets from defecating on private or public property without immediately removing the feces.

• Loud or frequent barking, yelping or howling, which cause serious annoyance to the neighborhood is prohibited.

• Eau Claire specifically forbids owning any fur-bearing animal, feline (other than domestic cats), domestic fowl, poisonous or 10-foot-long snakes or game animals.